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You're selling something awesome. Our photography helps you show off your product in the best way possible.

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Real Estate

Photos that sell.

High quality photographs are an absolute must for real estate listings. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, 95% buyers search on online websites when looking for their next home, and photos were listed as the most valuable website feature. 

At Sendy Media we strive to capture the unique aspects each property to showcase it in its best light. 

Complete Real Estate Photo Package (Interior, Exterior, and Drone Shots) starting at $200.00

Drone Photography also available starting at $100.00

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Hotel & Resort

The Path to Success

High quality, attention grabbing photography is an ABSOLUTE must for hotel and resort properties. Lodging Magazine best communicates the importance of hotel photography in this article that states "Not only is hotel photography instantly processed by all who see it without translation or explanation, it is also the only brand asset that is omnipresent across the real-world and online. Photography is at the front and center of every aspect of a hotel’s online presence—from TripAdvisor and online travel agencies (OTAs) to a hotel’s marketing website, social media, and beyond."

The choice of a hotel’s main hero photo or lead photo on sites like TripAdvisor can have an enormous impact on conversion rates over time and deserves its own strategy. It’s not only critical for hotels to use the right photo in the right place, but also to create great photography from the beginning."

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Vacation Rentals

A Comprehensive Approach

Great hospitality marketing is all about selling the unique experience of staying at a property. Show off what makes your property special with high quality photos. 

Talk to us, We're excited to help improve your property's digital presence with stunning imagery. 

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Bad Cars Need Great Pics

Fun Fact: Sendy Media is a big fan of cars. Our hometown of Steamboat Springs is a host to many car shows including the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup, Vettes on the Rockies,  Colorado Classic, Gold Rush Rally more.

From all this car eye candy we learned something. Photgraphing vehicles surrounded by beautiful scenery makes for some dang good shots of your car. 

Shoot your vehicle starting at $100.00

Drone photography and videos available also. 

Photography: Services
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