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We're digital marketing nerds.
We want to help you grow your business through digital marketing.
We like to send it.

What on earth does Sendy mean?

Created in the high mountains of Colorado, Sendy Media received its name as a derivative of the common ski culture phrase "send it!" To send it means to do something big, a little crazy, or completely amazing. Being the creative type, we coined the term "sendy." Anything that brings joy, or makes you say "wow!" is sendy. Powder days on the mountain are sendy. Bike rides with beautiful sunsets are sendy. Working your butt off and meeting your goals is sendy. 

Growing your business with digital marketing is Sendy. See what we did there?

Who are we?

In short, we are tech nerds who love the great outdoors. We also love helping businesses improve their digital presence. 

Why work with us?

Certified Social Media Pros

Google Certifications

  • Google AdWords Certified Professional

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification

  • Google Digital Sales Certification

  • Google AdWords Mobile Certification

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The Sendy Staff Gallery

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